Hi! My name is Erzsabet, and I love sewing and tatting. I’m specifically interested in sewing dresses and historical costumes (and not always historically accurate costumes), fantasy dresses, and themed masquerade gowns. I also have an interest in tatting jewelry pieces.

I’m still learning, and hope to do costuming full-time, while keeping tatting as a side-career. Come follow along with me as I learn more about both of these great crafts and show my work!

Velvet pirate coat - Arr!

I made this with velvet I bought years ago in Los Angeles

I plan on writing about the projects I make, the ones I’m working on, and tutorials and designs I come up with. Everything I link to on here is something I have used myself and vouch for.

White tatted snowflake

A tatted snowflake

I’ve always loved costumes, especially gowns and corsets. As a kid I spent more time dressing my Barbie dolls and giving them different outfits than I spent actually playing with them. As a teenager I went through a number of weird phases in clothing styles, eventually deciding that I wanted to make costumes for a living after joining the local SCA group.

I later refined the types of costumes I was interested in, mainly masquerade style ball gowns, fantasy gowns, and things related to twisted or original-style fairy tales; I find the dark side of fairy tales a welcome alternative to the typical Disney versions.

Velveteen belly dance vest.

Velveteen belly dance vest

My current skill level is not where I need it to be, so I plan on teaching myself the necessities from all the different resources now available online. Investing in these resource-filled websites and online courses are an expense I am willing to undertake. It won’t be easy but I’ll make it work, and I’d love for you to share this journey with me along the way!

So, welcome to Erzsabet in Stitches. Take a look around and leave some feedback; I’d love to hear from you!